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OCEANUS SRBS (Submarine Rescue Buoyancy System)
Emergency buoyancy system capable of providing
self-rescue through additional reserve buoyancy to
submarines in distress at depth.

Protect the crew of your submarine with One Atmosphere's Oceanus system.

  • Oceanus is a Submarine Rescue System designed to:

    • Arrest an uncontrollable descent prior to the submarine reaching the hull’s crush depth
    • Prevent submarine crews from having to conduct dangerous in water escapes from a submarine’s hatch (buoyant swim ascent) in deep water. Oceanus guards against pressure related and injuries such as CAGE (Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism) and DCI (Decompression Illness) as well as drowning.
    • Prevent the need for conducting hazardous sub-sea rescue operations using rescue submersibles
    • Prevent the need to deploy large decompression and transfer under pressure chambers to the site of a Disabled Submarine
    • Be acoustically neutral when not in use
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