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PEGASUS (Aircraft Buoyancy System)
Pegasus is a post-crash emergency buoyancy system designed too:

  • Arrest the descent of a sinking helicopter, allowing occupants to safely escape at the surface
  • Withstand a crash up to 20 Gs
  • Very light weight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Ballistically tolerant if required

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One Atmosphere's Pegasus system has been designed
to benefit a variety of military helicopters.

Below is just a few of the many aircrafts that can benefit from Pegasus.

military1   military2   military3

Tiger ARH




Sea Hawk

The Pegasus system can also be fitted to civil aircraft, providing additional safety to Oil & Gas, Law, Fire fighting, Tourism and Search & Rescue helicopters.

  civil1   civil2

Police Helicopters


Rescue Helicopters

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